How do you calculate the cost of a Tempietto building?
The budget for each house style we derived by several cross-referenced means, which we then evaluate together. One is to evaluate ~ 50 components of the project in spreadsheet form, assigning the associated costs, based on our current suppliers and sub-contractors, and arriving at a total.  We also evaluate similar previous projects in scale and detailing, and compare square footage costs. Finally, when a buyer identifies a particular site, design, and range of options, the house is re-figured to reflect the changes in situation. This is what yields a precise figure that becomes the contract price.

Check our Catalog pages for specific pricing information on individual designs and the Specifications page to see what is included and not included in our homes.

Do you charge for design and project management services?
If the client chooses one of our pre-engineered designs, there is a small fee to adapt the design to their site. Once the project is underway, we provide site coordination and supervision as well.

If special zoning permits are needed beyond the basic building permit, the time and support materials for those services would be extra.

If a design needs a substantial change, to a modified size and shape, the design work required would be additional.

Are Tempietto homes a green alternative to traditional homes?
We have concentrated on the elements most associated with a healthy, efficient home; exceptional insulation, abundant natural light, and plenty of fresh air, and a firm commitment to incorporate solar panels into every design, where site conditions allow.

Our insulation significantly exceeds current code requirements. Tempietto homes are constructed using structural insulated panels (SIP’s), providing over R-50 in the roof, and R-30 in the walls.

We have created many of the designs specifically to bring light from roof, as well as exterior walls, so that the center of the house is naturally lit.

We also use state of the art energy recovery ventilators (ERV’s) that allow controllable air changes throughout the house while retaining the heat within the structure. Many of the houses incorporate passive heating and cooling opportunities.

We include in all our houses an $8,000 allowance for installation of 10 photovoltaic panels wired with the inverter for generating electrical power. This is an approximate, after-rebate cost. In those cases where solar exposure is not conducive, the same allowance may be applied toward a geo-thermal installation. Please read the Approach page for additional discussion.

Can a “Tempietto” style home be custom-designed for my site?
Yes. We have many ideas “in-the-wings”. If there is an idea you have or a site with a particular need, we are happy to develop a new house style for that situation. You can see from the “No Two Alike” quality of the existing catalog that we are versatile and flexible, but with a distinct approach. If you like what you see, a new style could be explored. In this situation, we would begin with a modest design fee that would allow us to develop several options to see if we are on the same wavelength. If you like where we are headed, then we could continue, incorporating additional input from yourself.

Do you design custom renovations and additions as well as homes?
Although the main focus of Tempietto is stand-alone homes, we have been designing additions and renovations for many years, and bring the same dedication and standards to those projects. If there is an existing house that has a special level of problem solving needed, we would be interested in exploring its potential.

Can I add on to a Tempietto home in the future?
For most of our homes we have pre-designed matching and low-cost additions that can be added at any time to meet requirements for additional bedrooms, guest quarters, offices, etc.

Do I already have to have a legal site before calling you?
No. If there is a site, town or region you are interested in, we may be able to suggest some search options. Although Tempietto is not a real estate company, we are associated with some committed realtors who could help.

If you have additional land as part of your own property, and wonder if it could be developed as a legal building lot, we may be able to advise with that process as well.. We can make appropriate inquiries to determine compliance issues. If it looks possible, we work with you to evaluate options. This new lot might be for your own use, or it might be for sale as an income property. We are currently involved with several sites in this way.

When is a contract signed? What does the payment schedule look like?
We start with a phone call, and if the situation seems hopeful, we follow-up with a visit and consultation, which is free. During that discussion, you could reasonably expect to select a style home you prefer or options for other solutions. We would evaluate together any issues related to your house site, and discuss budget expectations. We would make a preliminary review of the zoning code of the town, including communication with town officials if helpful.

If you are pleased with this introductory step, you can decide to sign a Preliminary Design Contract with Tempietto Homes. This Contract is not meant to be for the entire project all at once, but covers the design and feasibility of your project, verifying the affordability of your house, and suitability to your site. It does not cover the actual construction. (That is Phase 2). Even during the Design Phase, you are responsible only for the current step of documentation and confirmation before we go on to the next step of design. The costs listed for each of these steps would be deducted from the construction budget.

Phase 1 – Step 1 – Schematic Design – Includes:

  • Site Plan prepared by registered surveyor showing both existing conditions, and the proposed condition with the house situated.
  • Specifications for your specific project are created and put in booklet form showing ongoing specific material choices.
  • Updated floor plans that show all areas of customization and selected options.
  • The actual cost of your project is determined to a high level of specificity.

Phase 1 – Step 1 – Cost – $ 5,000.00 plus cost of surveyor.

Phase 1 – Step 2 – Design Development

If the Schematic Design portion is approved by you, we would undertake ‘Design Development’ which prepares the project for actual construction. This Includes:

  • Preparation of all shop drawings for construction components and detail items.
  • Construction documents showing all plans, elevations, sections, electrical plans, structural plans, and other drawings necessary for applying for a building permit.
  • Final updated Specifications that include all fixtures, appliances and finish materials to be ordered.
  • The project is now ready to break ground.

Phase 1 – Step 2 – Cost – $ 15,000.00

Phase 2 – Construction

A payment schedule is developed generally into 8 divisions, each corresponding to a particular part of the project commencing. This creates a parallel situation between work accomplished and payments received. The first payment is ~ 15% of the balance of the construction cost.

Do I have to use Meridian/Tempietto as the builder?
We will be in the role of project manager, general contractor or both. If we are just providing project management services, we will assemble a team to build your project, with a combination of contractors we have used, as well as some local to your area, depending on the distance.

What is the permitting process for my Tempietto home?
It is the same as for any house or addition project, subject to local town and city regulations. Tempietto will initiate all necessary permitting and approval requirements. The costs of permits and associated support costs will be the responsibility of the Client, including the cost of any special drawings or documents that have to be created just for the permit.

Do you only build in the Boston/Metro West area?
No. That is our traditional area, but if you want one of these houses, we will explore with you how to make it happen.