Down With Dull Homes

We have been designing and building for 35 years, diagnosing and fixing what hasn’t worked for others. Clients seek advice for their homes which are inefficient, no longer functional, or just dull and tired. To both incorporate what we’ve learned, and also look forward, is the exciting idea behind Tempietto Homes.

Not Too Big

We put great emphasis on floor plans which minimize the footprint while bringing the whole house into play. These basic designs can be adapted and expanded for the needs of larger families.

Energy Aware

Tempietto employs LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified designers. We research and are committed to using the sustainable materials, renewable energy sources, and innovative building techniques coming on the market. The budget for every Tempietto home includes a basic 10 panel photovoltaic system, or a credit equivalent.

Pre-designed, Pre-engineered

Many of the components for your home are built in local workshops, then gathered for assembly at your site by competent installers. This allows us to build exciting, non standard features at affordable costs, while minimizing overall construction waste. It also allows you to know what you’re getting from the start, and the price range.

Building Services

We have taken an innovative approach to design for over three decades. Part of the responsibility of that innovation has been to back it up by building it. With our project management and construction services, we see the project through to the end.

Come home to Tempietto today. Contact us to learn more.


Cardboard models are created to give life and dimension to architectural ideas as with the example above and in the header.