Tempietto Homes is the ‘new homes’ initiative of Meridian Contracting Ltd.

Meridian Contracting Ltd.

For the past 35 years, Windsor Mallett, and Meridian Contracting Ltd. has been designing and building houses, renovations, adaptations, and additions. Tempietto Homes attempts to summarize their view of what is possible and helpful at this time in houses, based on that experience.

Windsor Mallett – Principal

Win Mallett graduated from Middlebury College in 1974. Upon graduation, he moved to the coast of North Carolina to build houses. It was then that he first became licensed as a builder. In 1977, he returned to New England to attend the Boston Architectural Center. He worked in several architectural offices until starting Meridian in 1986 as a design/build company. Since that point Meridian has had projects of their own design in continuous production.

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