Every home tells a story.

Today, many of us in New England live in older homes designed and built for a past way of life.
What seems reassuring is in fact unexciting and impractical for today’s needs. Meanwhile, most new homes are not nearly as enjoyable, affordable, or efficient as they could be. We already know the ending of the story before we’ve begun. Tempietto Homes, a division of Meridian Contracting Ltd., has been creating unique homes, large and small, for over 40 years.

We invite you to survey the variety of our pre-engineered house designs, which, along with our complete building services, can provide you with a new home that tells a new story; one that is suitable for the writing of tomorrow’s chapters.

We call it “Solar Modern.”


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Solar Modern Homes that are ready to build today.

Custom Options

Custom Options

Custom Built Solar Homes - Plans available

Smart VIllages

Smart VIllages

Solar Smart Villages

Toaster House<br>Wayland, MA

Toaster House
Wayland, MA

Completed in Wayland, MA 2013. Four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, solar modern home. Open for tours by appointment.

Solar Ascent<br>Northhampton, MA

Solar Ascent
Northhampton, MA

Most recently completed project. Solar Ascent in Northhampton, MA

Firefly<br>Concord MA

Concord MA

Firefly project recently completed  in Concord, MA. Just awaiting landscaping.