Whole Community Designs

We have been developing designs for whole communities, from 2 to 200, committed to sustainability, where everything points in the same direction. Without forcing the issue, a sense of purpose would be felt, in the solar modern buildings, and choices evident to that purpose. They can serve different needs and constituencies and themes:

  • Solar Artisan Village
  • Agricultural Artisans
  • Urban access community
  • A group of friends
  • Co-Housing

The increased density and scale allows for a range of amenities that go beyond the norm, to offer exceptional experience. These can include:

  • Covered parking (under a solar canopy)
  • Greenhouses
  • Music room / Dance studio (completely soundproof)
  • Barns
  • Artisan workspace
  • Public, private decks, rooftop and throughout
  • Transportation options

Community Shared Solar

A key component is to establish Community Shared Solar as part of each Smart Village wherever practical and possible. This serves the residents, the community at large, and the environment, with financial benefit to the residents as the prime shareholders. This includes:

  • Resident ownership
  • Lower or non-existent electrical and heating costs
  • The solar areas are attractive, enclosed with farm fencing, and where possible and desirable, grazing sheep, which have been shown to thrive in that environment.

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